I referred earlier in another post to the depression that can assail you when you go blind. I also said that I believe in trying to overcome rather than taking pills. I should also say that I do know that for some people, pills for depression are life savers. I do know that for some it is absolutely necessary. I was only talking about myeself. Some things though, cannot be overcome without the help of drugs.

Many years ago, I did take pills for depression, prescribed by my doctor. There were some horrible things going on in my life, and so I was given them. At the time, I was glad, as I thought they would relieve my suffering. But they didn’t, what they did do was make me feel spaced out, and as if I was not in my own body. One day, I was walking around in the town, and felt so weird and spaced out and told the doctor and she told me to stop taking them.

I struggle with a horror of drugs, and this made my having to have chemo all the worse. It took me a lot to overcome that and accept the chemo, but I had to. I do not know if there are others like me. I just hate taking drugs.

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