Buxton in Derbyshire was a wonderful place. At least it was to me. Not everybody felt the same way. The one thing about Buxton was that in winter it was COLD. We were told over and over again,

“It’s a two overcoat place.”

We were constantly exhorted to put two overcoats on in winter. It was true, only I felt as if I needed four overcoats.

It was the Opera House that drew me. All kinds of groups and show business people came to perform there. I loved going to see groups from the sixties, though they were by then very old. I saw Ken Dodd . We thought we would never get home when seeing him. He didn’t finish until two o’ clock in the morning, something for which he was famous. I also saw Freddie Starr, whose rendition of Rindercilla had me under the seat with laughin. I was holding my stomach and had tears rolling down my face. I have never seen anything so funny in my life.

Of course there was ballet also. I saw Swan Lake, performed by a Russian Company. There were choirs, plays and Irish Dance. All of it I adored and I would often take myself off in an evening to the Opera House.

I went to Writing Groups in Buxton, and met some amazing people. I would love to live near Buxton again. It was one of my happy places.

3 thoughts on “WHAT I DID IN BUXTON

  1. I visited Buxton one summer. It was a lovely place indeed, but packed full of tourists at the time. I always meant to go back when it was out of season, but never did.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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