AFTER 2016

Following what happened with the proposed operation in 2016 I grieved a lot. I had imagined getting my sight back, and was in a total quandary about whether to go through with it or not. Was I prepared to risk my life in order to get my sight back? I wanted so very badly to see again. However, I settled down to attempt to accept my blindness. This was not so difficult at first. However there came a time when I thought that there might be another ophthalmologist somewhere who might be able to help. We contacted someone in a city not too far away, but was told that if one anesthetist had decided that it was too risky to give me an anaesthetic, then all of them would. It was not possible to have the operation done under a local anaesthetic. I have veered between trying to accept it and trying to do something about it all these years. However, I know the truth, and do not have any plans to chase operations again. My emotions have been all over the place in the past and it does no good to set everything off again. I long to have my sight back and dream of it, but it is not to be.

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