Lol they have videoed our bin collection this morning.

We are on assisted collection because we are unable in our wheelchairs to put the bins out onto the pavement ready for collection. We place them in an easily accessed position on our drive in order for the bin men to collect and empty them. They are supposed to put them back in exactly the right place, with me being blind. It is not difficult. There are three bins and they are in their own places. They are all together and hubby can then put rubbish in them easily from his wheelchair.

Well, for two years now we have had nothing but trouble and problems with the bin men failing to put them back into the right place and often they place a bin right in front of the bonnet of our car. This means that I, as a blind person cannot get to our car to go out in it. The council is well aware of my blindness and our circumstances, which is why we were granted assisted collections. Some days, they have blocked me into the house and my husband has had to ring the council and play heck up to get them to come and remove the bin blocking my way through. So much has gone on with them and in the end we have had to threaten them with legal action as they just would not do what was necessary. At the beginning of this year, a great big hoo ha was caused by my husband and the manager came for three weeks and watched the bin men do their thing. They had been instructed exactly how to do it. Not rockedt science. Just put the damn thing back where you got it from.

Things went right for a while. But then problems then occurred again and I was blocked into the house. More complaints were made. They put matters right yet again. Each time, things were not done easily and my husband could only get them to act properly by threatening legal action. They were a bunch of nincompoops.

Well, we became famout lol. Then last week, they blocked me in good and proper. An angry phone call was made by my husband who was by now absolutely sick of it. He really really threatened them this time, and he was not satisfied with just going to the manager. He went to the Director. A huge fuss was made and my hubby told them that he would get the police and do them for false imprisonment.

There was such a hoo ha within the council this time and they were scared. We then received a visit from a fuming manager who was furious not with us, but with the other members of the council, and with our bin men. He apologised and then promised that this morning he would personally come and witness the bin men and mmake sure that they did it properly. He said that he was getting his ass kicked all over by his higher ups.

Well, this morning, no manager arrived, but the driver of the lorry videoed the bin man collecting and emptying our bin, then putting it back again in its spot. Lol. Our bin collection is now on camera. Ha ha. I wonder what will happen next.

My hubby was on the verge of doing them for false imprisonment and he had told them so. To be continued lol

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