This evening, after becoming overwhelmed by the continual blackness that I see in front of my eyes, I went to sit on a hill in a very isolated place where all that we could hear was the wind in thee trees. It was completely dark, not that that was any different for me. But I felt the need to sit in this dark, lonely place and try to find some peace.

As I sat there, I thought very deeply, and I thought of how the songs that would be created in the absolute darkness would be so different to those created in the light. The darkness has songs of its own. I wanted to hear those songs.

I feel very left behind, as I can do nothing of the things that I used to do, and that includes writing poetry. The forms of poetry that I used to write are no longer possible for me to write as a newly blind person. I feel this loss very deeply, just as I feel all my losses very deeply. I almost feel a non person now. Just a shell.

I want and need to write much more about my blindness, but do not want to flood this blog with it, so I will tell you more about that soon. I feel as if am living in a different country right now and am a foreigner here. A freak almost. I still attempt to write poetry, but it is not happening like it used to do.

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