I think that I have said a few times that the original purpose of my blog was to provide a platform for my poetry. It has morphed of late into more than that. Sometimes life gets in the way, and deep feelings come out. That is what has happened lately here. I never intended it to be a rant about Social Services or a rant about my fear and our position. But just sometimes things become so pressing and life so precarious that it spills out into this blog. I so appreciate everyone’s kindness. It so often lifts me when things feel very black. Just your kind words help so much. There is something to be said for letting it all out lol. I still do not want to make this a blog that is primarily for that though. I want to simply post my poetry and my stories and one or two challenges. I want to post bits of my books that I am writing just to see if there is any feedback about what I have written.

Please forgive me for ranting and thankyou so much for your kind responses. Xx


  1. I read your previous post. Please rant out, although it’s your right to speak up about it because it’s so sadly true these situations like you are in.
    Blogging about it will help you and although many of us cannot be there physically for you as we would like to be, I hope by blogging about it helps you mentally and you feel the support from your readers here.

    Much love. Xx

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