From our childhood
To look for God without
A Being perhaps beyond the stars
Bigger than the Universe itself
A Power
That will grant all our wishes and desires
A miracle worker
One who must be appeased
The all seeing One
The One who looks into our soul
And so
We both embrace
And shrink away
We hope for a Saviour
A Rescuer
A Granter of Wishes
Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat
Gasps of joy
Gasps of wonder
And then……………….

Nothing fits any more
We enter a darkness
A deep deep darkness
Deeper than the ocean
Something hits us
And then again
And again and again
We ask where this God is
We search
We groan
We cry out
We agonise
He is not there
All that we find is our own darkness
And then the only place to go
Is into our own darkness
And there we find treasure
That we never knew existed
There we find a divine light
Deep within our own souls
Within and not without
And that light makes us grow
And brings us back to life
Go bwithin
And find treasures

10 thoughts on “LOOK WITHIN

  1. Same here. My family attended church together when I was a little girl, and then, I believed. But I’ve seen too much and experienced too much since those long-ago times to believe anymore.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    When I first read this I didn’t reply properly because I wanted to say also, that I too have seen and experienced too much. I wish we could swap stories because I think they may be very much the same. To be honest Jai it makes me sick, I really don’t know what I believe anymore but like you I am probably agnostic. And there are days when I think I am atheist❤️

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  3. I totally get it, Lorraine.: when one is hammered with misfortune over and over again, it’s hard to believe any god is watching over you or listening to your prayers.
    Yes, it would be interesting to swap stories, though I know yours would be far harsher than mine. I wish we lived closer together…I think we would become fast friends…we are kindred spirits. But at least we have WordPress.❤️😊

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