In Leek I sat drinking coffee in a coffee shop with a purse thief. It happened like this. I used to frequent a forum on the internet and this lady discovered that we lived fairly near to each other. She suggested a meeting. I agreed and thought it would be really nice to meet. We met in the coffee shop and had a great time chatting together. Then, at the end she announced,

:oh by the way I used to steal purses.”

My mouth dropped open. She had seemed so nice. In the past she had been arrested by the police many times for stealing purses. Not only that, but she had been someone who would take Communion from the church to people in their homes.

“I felt like a little priest,” she said.

My mind boggled. Needless to say I checked to see if I still had my purse.

6 thoughts on “WHAT I DID IN LEEK

  1. And when I first met saintvi, Sparky was afraid I was meeting an ax murderer!! But then he thinks all strangers are ax murderers! (I think his parents went a little overboard on the “stranger danger lessons!)


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