Liza and Joe watched the ship VANISH as it sailed into the distance. Only a few short hours ago Ben had stood in Liza’s mother’s kitchen chain smoking. Shaking, he had informed everyone that he was leaving the country that afternoon. He was going to the docks and would take a ferry to a new life on the Continent. Leaving his brief case with Liza’s mother he asked her to look after it for him. He gave strict instructions that no one should go to the docks to see him off. This was it. He wanted to cut it right there and then. People were after him and he had to disappear. He was innocent of everything but there were those who wanted to get him and many had threatened him. There was nothing he could do. This was the only way.

Liza and joe could not leave it at that. They would not go to the docks but gthey would go and sit on the sand dunes and watch for the ship passing by. As the ship came into view Liza began waving. She knew he would not even know they were there, but in her heart she wished him luck. They were never to hear from him again.

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