Yippeeeeeee. We have light. They came just before midnight. Two Care Workers arrived and they were LOVELY. Two ladies. They were SO caring and we had a laugh with them. They could not have been kinder. It is the best thing that has happened to us in a long time. I think they must have come from a Care Home as they had uniforms on. It is a long time since we have received any kindness. Whoooohooooo.

18 thoughts on “WE HAVE LIGHT

  1. Great news. Care staff do wear uniform, even when caring for people at home. And it can be uniform just like those in a care home depending on company uniform policy. My friend is a home carer and wears uniform.

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  2. There are home care staff that do night shifts. It’s a 24 hour 7 day a week job.

    It’s good they came. But I am surprised to say the fight you have had to get help and then this only be the help.


  3. blindzanygirl

    Hi Liz this was an emergency call out just to change a light bulb which we cannot do. It was not an assessment as we had already been assessed. As the ladies said to us this not a job they normally do, it was just a case of the Council trying to Find someone to change a light bulb as it was now nighttime, it was a safety issue alone. I could not see them but my husband said they wore uniforms. There was a lot of laughter and joking about putting this on their CV s now. The outcome of our assessment remains the same xx

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  4. I know it wasn’t an assessment because of reading your other posts how you are not getting any help. But as I say, there are home care companies and those wherever council get them from wear uniform like nurses uniform as my friend is a home carer and wears one too.


  5. blindzanygirl

    Gosh I didn’t know they paid them specially to do it. Actually we contacted Social Services again today to talk about how we can deal with such emergencies in the future, they are going to ring us back tomorrow xx

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