#SOCS – Prize


I never won a prize for amything in my life but we used to show our rough collie dogs and when one of them called Asha was a puppy we enetered her in a show at a certain place and she was the only puppy who turned up. She won the prize because she was the only puppy there. I do not consider material things to be a prize for me. I do not wish to attain loads of money, as long as I have enough to live on. I think there are more important b(things in life.

Since I had cancer and nearly died my prize is life itself and all the more spiritual things that can be part of life. Love is the greatest prize you can ever win and the greatest gift you can ever give. Patience is another gift and I have had to learn that, since I am now blind from the cancer treatment. This is a hard won thing and I am gradually learning it but it is such a prize gained after a lot of hard work. I do not know whether there truly is anything else beyond this life but I have been told that we gain our greatest prize in the next life after we have run the race steadfastly and patiently on this earth. I hardly dare believe that there is such a thing, but if there is I hope I win it. I think I would be bored being on a cloud all day long, though, playing a harp. All that i can conclude though is that love is the greatest prize of all.

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