Each day I dream
That tomorrow will be better
That I might walk in the green forest again
Sit by the lake
Watch the river flow
I tell myself
That if I try harder
I will be normal once again
This bed
Holds me
I try to break its chains
To rise again
To grow wings and fly
I hear outside
The sounds of normal life
And I know
That it is not for me
As I drag myself from the bathrooom once more
Flop onto this bed my prison
And sleep sleep sleep
A body so weak
That it cannot hold itself up
Is this life?
Where are the forests
The deep blue lakes
Where are the stony footpaths
That once I trod
They are here
They are here
I tread them every day
Hard climbs
Until exhaustion takes me over
Do I really have to die?
Take me to the deep dark forest
Let it be my bed
My final resting place
Take me to the forest

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