DIARY ENTRY Does anyone know anything about flippers?

We’ve had a bit of bother with water. Like, it was all over the bathroom floor, having crept there from out of the airing cupboard! This was in the middle of Thursday night.

We have just had a new gas boiler installed, and nothing has been right since! The boiler itself is fine, but everything else isn’t. We started to get a constant drip of water just outside the kitchen door, going onto the ramp down onto the drive from the kitchen. The dog loved it. Her own personal shower!

Well, by Friday morning we were going under. Well, nearly!

The boiler man cometh, but I had already told the person who is coming to see me today to bring a swimming cozzy and flippers. He agreed to do so. By the evening though, I was emailing him to tell him to bring a wet suit, snorkel, and Handel’s Water Music.

All the towels and bedding in the airing cupboard were sodden, and the boiler man who cameth said he would take them home to wash for us as the water was filthy and had fibre glass in it. He has an Industrial Washing Machine at home.

Eventually, by evening, he had discovered what the problem was, and fixed it.

We now have working central heating and a sulking dog who has lost her own personal shower. It was a funny old day yesterday!


When the morning curls around you
The day presents its possibilities
Though there may seem to be few

Like a soft pillow it welcomes you
Turning dreams into reality
Every thought made new

Skies filled with silver earth with gold
Rubies in autumn’s berries
Sheltered from the cold

Oh Mystical Rose you guard my way
On sorrow’s lonely path
Be my companion today