The cold slapped my face
I drew my breath in sharply
Itvwas meant to be



It’s hard not to be frightened
Her stomach lurched as she woke
“Perfect love casts out fear”
The words wrapped around her brain
Went down to her throat
And started to strangle her
Words that felt like arrows
Where was the love?
Any love
Not even perfect love
Alone again in the darkest night
She twisted and turned
Waiting for the morning
When once again
No one would be there
And her cries would go unheard
And the choking began
She sat up in bed
And looked into the darkness
But the darkness was deaf too
A wall
Is there anyone there?


She’s old now
My mother
I look behind
The eyes that once blazed
And see anguush staring
From a heart that seened so cold
Holding within malignant
Desires that raged and crushed my young soul
But now stripped the dry tears
Fall to the ground in a deep silence
Heard only by hearts open to their cries