The horses soon will carry me home
Up the hill where I used to roam
Where many have halted on its brow
Folks bowed in reverence walking slow

Earth will one day be my tomb
Sunlight trickling through the gloom
Gone for ever life’s wild show
The horses soon will carry me

Here I was taken from the womb
Named and given for sorrow to groom
Staring at the wide eyed doe
We grieve for life and all its woe
Now in awe I face my doom
The horses soon will carry me


Trees stand strong shading us all
We take from their life we hear their call
Hypnotised by the dark forest deep
Under their branches we’re wont to sleep

Like birds we nestle in giants tall
When the woes of life bring about a fall
When we face the sad fact that life is cheap
Trees stand strong

When bitter is life’s cup of gall
We hear the dreaded death bell’s pall
Limp our bodies can only creep
When even the skies with us do weep
When all we hit is a hard brick wall
Trees stand strong


Wash in the rivers
Flowing from the temple
Bathe joyfully
In the golden light
Freeing yourself
In your own divine essence
Forgetting all that is past
Washing away
The sins of the fathers
The leprous wounds
In the clear pure waters
And hear said uniquely to you
“Be clean”
And know
That gone are the dirty rags
That clothed your soul
From the waters of the womb
Be clean
Be clean
Oh joyful sound
Singing with the waters
That nourish every living being
For these are the true waters
Of your new birth
Poured down upon you
Oh wash, drink, taste
Of their glory
Oh golden ones


You took much from me
My very essence
The core of my womanhood
And its fruits
But now they live with
The Mother of all Mothers
In arms made specially for them
Beneath the Cross of suffering
Safe now from cruel nails
That nailed them to their bloodied Cross
And when the waters broke
Gushed forth
Their unformed bodies spewed out
But waiting
Was the Great Mother
Who waits and watches
The suffering of the workd
And now I know
I need not fear
The fruits of my womb are safe