In deep union
Love cries out loud to the world
Hear its perfection


I have just read another post about blogging etiquette. I have read such posts before and I totally agree with what they say but I always end up having to apologise because there is no way for me that I can actually follow what they suggest.

I value my readers and followers very much indeed, and all the lovely comments that are made, and I try very hard to reply to each one, but I have real trouble keeping up with replying to each one.  With being newly blind, I find it takes me a long  time just to reply to one comment.  I tend to type or dictate something into  the Reply box, then accudentally hit  the wrong  bit and hey presto  it has gone  into  Spam.  Then I re-type it and hopefully get it right the second time around!

Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed when trying to keep up.  So I ask you please  to forgive me if I don’t  always manage to keep up.

What I DO want you to know is just how MUCH I appreciate you all, and your lovely  comments.  THANKYOU.

lorraine xx








Blackbirds are black
Violets are purple
I will wear purple today
Edged with black
Singing a melancholy song
On my darkened path
Pausing by the wooden seat
Where once you showed me bright flowers
Wild with delight
Waving in the breeze
And now you wave goodbye
With the same wildness
Mad as ever you were
But brightly coloured
Today I will wear purple like the violet
Giving fragrance by the wooden seat
Edged with black
Fragrance of death