Wild place
Here I find You
The wildness of my heart
Roars in the fullness of of Your night
Deep sounds
All Creation bellows, the wind
Stirs up the lion’s roar
Bring the wild place
To me
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And so now here I stand
On the edge of light
Waiting to know my fate
Will the glorious day dawn when I’ll see once again?

Which way will It go now?
I wait in silence
Deep in the heart of God
The mystery is held, I listen for its beat

Soon it will be revealed
On that day i’ll know
In dark or light I’ll stand
But wherever I fall I’ll know light eternal


I sit on the edge of light before dawn
Feeling a growing prayer deep in my heart
Over the years I’ve gone through many a storm
As light dawns I know it could be the start
Of the end of the darkness holding me
Closing my eyes to the glorious light
The beauty of nature singing, free
Long and hard I have fought this dark night’s fight
But now I greet with joy this brand new day
Knowing light will flood my world, dispel dark
At the foot of Your Cross my Lord I lay
My hopes and dreams, my fate emotions stark
I wait here on the edge of light, Your will
Be done, nature joins my prayer, silent, still


Joy was
Born that bright day
On the wilderness road
A blind man had his sight restored
Touched by
Deep love
His darkness went,the light had come
His life changed for ever
His name

The man
Who touched him saw
The longing of his heart
Shone into him the light of life
Light of
The world
Darkness can never destroy light
Or pain last for ever
The stones cry out
For joy