Just wanting to say that I would live to join in with all the communities of writers here on WordPress, but am unable to do so because of my blindness. I am so glad that,people still come to read some of my stuff. But I feel unable to be part of the various fommunities her, sadly. Everyonemis welcome here, to my site, and even though I sometimes write from amparticular fauth angle, no one has to believe as I do. We are human beings, and I write from anhuman angle. Sometimes I have fauth, sometimes my faith flounders becayse of my phtsucal struggles. But ut us all here, in my writing. Thankyou so much to thosenofnyou who come here. I wish I could,pay you all a visit back. I will try!

4 thoughts on “COMMUNITIES

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh bless you ssameera.nnthankyou. I DO feel the warmth. Much live to you too. I was realky only trying to apilogise to people that I can’t bempart of the WordPress Community fully because I can’t see. It seems so impolite of me not to join in properly. Oh yes, I DO have faith in myself. It is faith in a God that sometimes eludes me! And sometmes I write about that. Other times I feel the light of God upon me. It is a strange journey. Hugs to you. Xoxoxo

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