I return today to the fruiting rowan
Where once I was brought as firstfruits
And offered to the world
In body and in name
And yet possessed
Never to be free
But held in chains
And in the very giving
Was the possessing
For you it was who bore me
Just as the rowan bears its berries
You it was who created me
Named me
You it was who brought me to birth
And now
Do you bear me still?
Soon you are to die
Bearing what?
Confusion reigns
Oh how we are tied
For in me you wish to live
In me you wish to die
I am not my own
And you are not your own
For we are tied by blood
And on the feisty rowan tree
The blood red berries scream
Of the Sacrifice of One
Who gave His life for All
And to Him I am tied for ever

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