I’m leading you into the darkness again
So said my God to me
I knew it was true and I’ve been there before
But the darkness just makes you free

In the darkness you cannot see anyone’s face
But the dark is the face of your God
I’m used to being right here in the dark
The earth is my very sod

In the darkness you don’t know where you are
There are no landmarks to see
Yet somehow you get from place to place
It’s exactly where you should be

In the light I grow old with the sun on my head
Shrivelling up my soul
In the dark I am young without any cares
It is here that I reach my goal

I welcome the dark with an open heart
I am glad that I’m here to be led
By nothing but grace from the Love of my life
Right here will my soul be fed

Don’t fear the dark it’s a beautiful place
Just let your soul wander within
Bright gems will be found as you wander around
Your Beloved salvation will bring

11 thoughts on “DARKNESS

  1. joanmyles

    Beautifully stated! Thank you for finding the words…for joining me in the dark places and the bright! Much love toyou, sweet Lorraine.


  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much Punam. This poem represents another part of my journey – into the darkness where God dwells, covered in cloud that no eye can behold Him. But in the darkness are true gems.

    Liked by 2 people

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