#FOWC. Reason

FOWC with Fandango — Reason

Long days I spent
Straining to find answers
Educated long in logic
I sought
To find
Peace in the very heart of me
Convoluted questions
Tied me in knots
So tight

Papers I wrote precise
Sentences arguing my case
My God
But never did I find my peace
Until I let my heart go
Its own good way
In love

Must join hands with
The love that is in hearts
To find the way that we must go
Each one
Giving wholeness to our souls peace
Passing understanding
Holy marriage

8 thoughts on “#FOWC. Reason

  1. Finally, somebody else gets it. Blind emotion (sorry, no mockery or pun intended there), is chaos and destructive. Reason without heart is cold, cruel and can justify anything. It’s only when a person has both that they are at their best… for themselves and others.

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