3TC#234. Visitng Prison


Mary sat nervously in the back of the car. But it was an excited kind of nervousness. She was going back to the prison where she had been a PRISONER. Barbara and Gerry had agreed to take her back to visit her newfound friend, Annie.

Mary wasn’t exactly a bad lot. More unfortunate than bad. She had got in with a bad crowd, and unfortunately had not been able to break free. There were many things in life that she didn’t understand. And that was what got her into trouble. In prison though, she had been a prize prisoner. Each day she had to scrub the steps up to the Governor’s office. It was quite a long flight of steps, but each day Mary got them sparkling clean.

Before she went to prison there had been the discussion about what she should tell the other prisoners concerning her crime. Her crime had been a particularly heinous one. It had been decided that she should say that she was in there for shop lifting.

They had to TRAVEL quite a long way to the prison, which was an open one. On the journey, Mary regaled Barbara and Gerry with tales of prison life. Particularly about Annie, who had become her best friend.

“You’ll like Annie,” she said. “She’s nice. She burned her house down with her husband in it.”

Barbara and Gerry had to stifle their shock. What were they letting themselves in for? They had never visited a prison before, and were now wondering what they had let themselves in for. But they had made a DEAL with Mary, and part of the deal was that they would take her to visit Annie.

As they drove up the long drive towards the orison, which just looked rather like a big country mansion, they were greeted with what looked like hundreds of women, all hanging out of windows, waving excitedly and yelling at Mary. Mary waved and yelled back. Everyone was so excited, and Mary was like a big celebrity. It was going to be a big party.

Barbara and Gerry entered the huge room, with Mary, having been searched on the way in. And there was Annie, sitting waiting at a table for Mary. And Annie WAS nice!

Mary began pointing people out to Barbara and Gerry.

“She killed her father,” Mary said of one woman.

“She killed her step mother,” Mary said of another.

And so it went on. Everyone in there was a killer of some kind. And every one of them was “ever so nice.”

And so it was.

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