Three Things Challenge #418

Steeped in SUPERSTITION she lived her life.  Not walking under ladders, throwing salt over her shoulder, avoiding the number thirteen wherever possible.  That last one was a bit difficult because she had to get past her thirteenth birthday.  However, she managed to get through that one by refusing to say the word “thirteen.”  All she would say was that she was a teenager now, and refuse to open all her birthday cards.

Everyone became FAMILIAR with her ways, through the years.  It didn’t make any sense at all because she was no more lucky or unlucky than anybody else.  And it became a damned nuisance at times.  Having to try and disconnect in some way from every thirteenth step, avoiding walking under ladders, which meant stepping out onto the road, and various other difficulties.  Her house was not a real problem.  She just called it 13A and refused to acknowledge in her brain that this still was the number 13.  The number 13 bus was also a bit of a problem, and she found herself doing quite a lot of walking as, by catching the number 12 bus instead, she was deposited a little further from home than she would have been had she caught the number 13 bus,  

One day she got really fed up.  Despite avoiding the number 13 all day and doing all her other superstitious stuff, her day went appallingly, whilst those who did not trouble about the number 13 had a great day,  it made her think.  What the hell had she been doing?  She realused how ridiculous it all was, and so began to embrace, and indeed even seek out the number 13.  And she lived happily ever after.

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