#FOWC. Column

FOWC with Fandango — Column

He used to have a COLUMN in the local newspaper. Until they went computerised that was. It had been his life. But suddenly he was redundant. No longer did they want his fascinating reports on life in the town, complete with coloured drawings of the various events. No, this was no longer any good, and he was ousted.

One day they found him hanging from a local tree.

4 thoughts on “#FOWC. Column

  1. I felt like this guy when I found out that all people wanted to do with my mysteries was use them to screw me over. Turns out nobody cares for an author or their stories. We’re nothing more than items to be used by others who get rich on what we make. I won that battle nobody not even me will ever make money on my mysteries again. That alone helped me pull my neck out of the noose.

    Great but sad tale. Well done.


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