It looked like FROST. It felt like frost. It was frost. But it was only August. Never before had Alice seen frost in August. But then never had so much happened before. The world was a different place now, after the pandemic. But a pandemic shouldn’t have made frost come in August. No, It had to be something else.

It was DAWN. Her favourite time of the day. The leaves on the willow tree were glistening in the weak sunlight that was just beginning to appear. Everything seemed weird. Then suddenly she saw a rabbit doing a hop, SKIP and a jump out of the bushes. Did rabbits hop, skip and jump as high as this normally? She was not sure she had ever seen it quite like this before. But then nothing had ever been quite like this before. It seemed to be a topsy turvy world.

Alice went inside and picked up her newspaper. All over the world strange things were happening. No one knew why.

“Oh well,” said Alice to herself. “I’ll have another cup of tea. A cup of tea fixes everything.”

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