It was some years since they had been here. They were standing looking at the start of the track that went up the mountain. It was here where they had begin their epic trip up Scafell Pike. They had been younger then, but the experience had been so exhilarating that they wanted to relive it. Could it be as good as that day all those years ago when they had sat and eaten their lunch in the best restaurant ever, looking down upon the world from the top of the mountain?

The sun was shining, and everything looked good. They set off up the rugged pathway. Soon, they found themselves in the midst of the thickest fog they had ever known. They had heard about this, but had never thought it could happen to them, especially on what had been a bright and sunny day. Refusing to panic, they made their way slowly forwards, and it was not long before they came to a place where the fog had cleared, and they were looking at the most beautiful lake ever. They looked at the track that continued up the mountan and debated whether to continue up the mountain or not. Two hours later saw them sitting in the beautiful sunshine dangling their feet in the water. The mountain would wait while another day.

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