Sheffield was one of those cities that I could never quite get the hang of. It was the trams you see. And the tram lines. Whenever I went to Sheffield it was for the University library. I was in heaven when I was in that library and I always ended up getting out books that were nothing to do with the subject I was doing. The University was a little way out of the city centre, but I always had a yen to drive into the city centre and have a good look around. One day I decided to do just that. But I reckoned without the trams and the tran lines. I knew they were there but I did not know exactly where in the city I was allowed to drive. I was never any good with one way systerms etc. I found myself stuck on the tram lines and unable to get off them. Trams were everywher and taxis and buses and all sorts of things. I had no idea of where I was at all and I could only go where the tram lines took me. I panicked. I was used to driving in cities and it did not phase me. But tram lines did. I ended up suddenly doing a sharp left turn and finding I was going the wrong way down a one way street. I got out of it quick and realised that I was utterly and totally lost. I do not to this day remember how I got home, but I did.

7 thoughts on “WHAT I DID IN SHEFFIELD

  1. Hehe! Yes, I’ve had a similar experience. I went back to my university and they’d changed all the streets to one way. I made a turn and found myself facing lots of traffic coming at me. I was able to turn into a business and get straightened out but nearly had a heart attack! I’m so glad that GPS is now available so I never make that same mistake!!

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