Out of the sunset
Glorious in their flight
Silhouetted, adept,
Concentrating on one quest, going home to rest.

Many times I’d seen them,
Heard them chattering,
A message came clear then,
God in their flying,
The message was “I love you, just keep on going”.

I too am going home,
We all are one day,
Love guides us as we roam,
Rest and work and play,
But inside we need a clear intent, on our way.

We keep the goal in sight,
Though the sky be red,
In our soul’s dark night,
With the blood we have bled,
Throughout the journey we can know,with Love we’re fed.

8 thoughts on “GEESE IN THE SUNSET

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Sufan. Yes. We get loads of different geese coming here to the UK at the beginning of our winter from cokder climes. But we have some that stay here all year round. I love the geese. Xx


  2. blindzanygirl

    Sorry Sifan. I am blind. I had cancer and the chemotherapy made me blind. So when I am typing Imoften make mistakes. Please forgive me. I am both blind and in a wheelchair, with no feeling in my hands, feet, or lips and mouth. So I write poetry. I can do little for myself. I try to write things to do with syrvival. I love nature, birds etc. But can no longer see them. So sorry I spelled your name wrong

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