“Oooh, I really LIKE that man,” said Joanna to her friend, as David passed by the window to their office on the steelworks. David had noticed Joann too, and the feeling was mutual. And, as things are wont to go, they soon ended up together, and in fact, married.

They both enjoyed a good HOP and went often to a local pub where the men got dressed up in cowboy hats and the women had cowgirl boots on. Joanna had never seen anything like this before, and, being the person she was, she wanted to enter this IMAGINARY land. And so, one Saturday found her trying on and eventually purchasing what looked like cowgirl boots.

David, however, was much more conservative, and did not want to enter into such frivolity. Joanna was most upset by this, saying he always wanted to spoil her fun. And that was the first row that they had in their marriage.

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